Confessions of a Straight Mother

A new Facebook page has been set up to support parents of transgender children.  

TransParenting is a Queensland based group for parents of transgender children, siblings and supporters of transgender families in AUSTRALIA. It has been created as a ‘safe’ space to discuss experiences, issues related with their lives and gain peer support. The group also provides useful reading materials, resources and links you up with other support services for both you and your child. 

This is a very touching story about a mother that didn’t just accept her trans child, but fought for his rights every single step of the way through his life.  This is real parenting! 



Swingset - Andrea Gibson

“Are you a boy or a girl?” he asks, staring up at me in all three feet of his pudding face grandeur, and I say “Dylan, you’ve been in this class for three years and you still don’t know if I’m a boy or a girl?”


“Well, at this point, I don’t really think it matters, do you?”

“Uhhhm, no. Can I have a push on the swing?” And this happens every day. It’s a tidal wave of kindergarten curiosity rushing straight for the rocks of me, whatever I am.

And the class, when we discuss the Milky Way galaxy, the orbit of the Sun around the Earth… or whatever. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and kids, do you know that some of the stars we see when we look up in the sky are so far away, they’ve already burned out? What do you think of that? Timmy? “Umm… my mom says that even though you got hairs that grow from your legs, and the hairs on your head grow short and poky, and that you smell really bad, like my dad, that you’re a girl.”

“Thank you, Timmy.”

And so it goes. On the playground, she peers up at me from behind her pink power puff sunglasses and then asks, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

And I say no, and she says “Oh… do you have a girlfriend?” And I say “No, but if by some miracle, twenty years from now, I ever finally do, then I’ll definitely bring her by to meet you. How’s that?”

“Okay. Can I have a push on the swing?”

And that’s the thing. They don’t care. They don’t care. Us, on the other hand… My father sitting across the table at Christmas dinner, gritting his teeth over his still-full plate, his appetite raped away by the intrusion of my haircut, “What were you thinking? You used to be such a pretty girl!” Frat boys, drunken, screaming, leaning out of the windows of their daddys’ SUVs, “Hey! Are you a faggot or a dyke?” And I wonder what would happen if I met up with them in the middle of the night.

Then of course there’s always the somehow not-quite-bright enough fluorescent light of the public restroom, “Sir! Sir, do you realize this is the ladies’ room?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do, it’s just that I didn’t feel comfortable sticking this tampon up my penis in the men’s room.”

But the best, the best is always the mother at the market, sticking up her nose while pushing aside her daughter’s wide eyes, whispering “Don’t stare, it’s rude.”

And I want to say, “Listen, lady, the only rude thing I see is your paranoid parental hand pushing aside the best education on self that little girl’s ever gonna get, living with your Maybelline lipstick after hips and pedi kiwi, vanilla-smelling beauty; so why don’t you take your pinks and blues, your boy-girl rules and shove them in that car with your fucking issue of Cosmo, because tomorrow, I start my day with twenty-eight minds who know a hell of a lot more than you. And if I show up in a pink frilly dress, those kids won’t love me any more, or less.”

 “Hey, are you a boy or a — never mind, can I have a push on the swing?” And some day, y’all, when we grow up, it’s all gonna be that simple.

This is my main piece in my poetry for competition.

The others are TransMan by Ira Gray, It by Kavindu Ade, Battle Scars which I found from Seth Thomas, and he has since told me it was not by him, but I can’t remember the author, and now Fun With Packers by Cameron Sidhe.

Day Of Remembrance on Nov. 20.

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) has announced the third annual Transgender Awareness Week beginning Nov. 12 - 20.

Organizers will spend the week educating the public about the transgender community and the pressing issues that…


Transpride March


Transpride March

things to ask if someone comes out as trans to you


Even as a trans ally, you may be surprised/taken off guard if a close friend comes out as trans to you, and know you want to ask questions but aren’t sure what. Here are some things you might want to ask:

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I have been reading a lot of posts from Trans people lately and although there is no-one (that I know of anyway) in my life that is going through this, I really feel for the kids struggling with coming to terms with being trans.  I am trying to educate myself a little about the subject to make sure that I would be a support to anyone that may come into my life down the track. 


This. I never find many trans poems…but THIS is amazing.


This is completely awesome and brave and heart wrenching….

Confessions of a Half Dyke


Tumblr is one of the few places I routinely see normal women kissing other women. I’m pleased. Most of my friends that I see on a regular basis that are in relationships are straight. Most people on TV are straight. It’s nice to see others expressing their love and it looks like my love. 

This is so true.  I was talking to my son’s boyfriend about this subject of showing affection in public.  He was saying that he decided not to refrain from acts of public affection to make other people more comfortable.  I am so glad about that for them both.  I think it is important, not just for them, but also for the people that see them and perhaps feel better about themselves because of it.